Are You Ready?


A lot of times we are so sure we want something. We ask God for it and then we’re in a hurry for it to manifest. We get anxious and begin to look for solutions ourselves. Do you know that God wants to bless us more than we want to be blessed? Knowing this, are you ready for His blessings? Psalm 126:1-2 says When the Lord brought back the captivity of Zion, they were like those who dream. Then our mouths were filled with laughter and our tongues with singing then they said amongst the nations, the Lord has done great things for them.
The beautiful thing about blessings from God is it adds no sorrow therefore in order to appreciate it, there is growth and preparation that has to take place so when it comes, you can stand in your victory and know that everything up until that point was necessary. Here’s an example. You want to start a new business you have done everything you should but each time you want to launch, someone somewhere gives you an idea or suggests something that you need to do and it delays the launch. A year later, it’s finally opening day and you realize that all the delays that happened gave you time to build a fan base eager for your launch and once they start purchasing, you see them appreciating everything that was suggested particularly pointing out that this is what sets you apart from other stores like yours. It all makes sense now. All the delays were part of your process and in that year you grew as a business owner and you were ready to give the people what they want.

It is important to trust your process. Some people will get what they want right away while others may have to wait a few years for it to manifest.  One thing that will be certain is when you get to your victory, you will realize that what you had to endure was necessary for you to appreciate it.

Always remember, at no point are your prayers to God coming back to you void. It’s either not time for it or something better is on the way; you just have to let the peace of God guide you and know that he is taking you through a growth process to get you to your victory. Don’t get so anxious that you decide to do what the next person is doing. Your blessings can’t find you if you’re not in your lane trusting God.

Trust your process. Trust the journey and always remember, what God has planned for you is way bigger than anything you can ever ask or think.

Have a great week Goal Diggers.


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  1. Ogundare Olusegun says:

    Our God is not a God of spontaneity, He is a God of process. Process births growth and that’s exactly what He wants us to do, grow. But with every growth comes a responsibility.


  2. Anonymous says:



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