Pay Attention.

A lot of people don’t live up to their true potential and they blame God, the universe, how they were raised or whatever it is they believe in. What if I tell you that you’re the cause of your own problems? At least most of the time because you don’t pay attention.

Our path to success will always be challenging because nothing good comes easy but a lot of times, we fill our environment with toxic things and people that don’t allow us to move forward like we should. Toxic people come in different forms. You know you shouldn’t let them in but we ignore the gut feeling and continue to allow them stay based on obligation or because they are ‘good people’ who’ve never done anything wrong to you. Sometimes wrong doing isn’t in direct action, wrong doing can be in thought, in limitations of expectations towards you and so on. PAY ATTENTION! You ever tell that friend that you want to do a particular great thing and he/she tells you all the ways it will go wrong and you shouldn’t bother yourself? Or tell your parents or uncles and aunts you have this grand idea and you need their support and they say they don’t believe you need to do that because it’s not what they think you should do? Or you know people who can help you with a particular situation and you ask for help and they act like they care but won’t help because they were only ok with helping until you reached the level they placed on you in their minds. Not higher. My point is the signs are always there. One thing I believe, people will always tell on themselves you just have to PAY ATTENTION!

Your duty as someone with a plan living intentionally is to pay attention to those that shouldn’t be part of your journey and learn to detox. Leaving people around you that don’t necessarily want you to do good or better than them will only ever leave you doubting yourself and you know what they say about the company you keep. PAY ATTENTION! You don’t always have to look too far for solutions. Surround yourself with fellow goal diggers who won’t stop until their whole ‘squad’ is on top with them. Anyone in your life not willing to encourage, support and criticize with love isn’t someone that deserves space in your heart or life. Don’t always look for these people to be enemies some are right there by you on a daily basis so again I say, PAY ATTENTION.

Don’t make participants of those God has chosen to be spectators. The only person you will have to blame if you wait too long to detox is yourself.

Have a great week Goal Diggers.


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  1. Brendah says:

    So very true, that is why my theme for this year is LEVELS OF FRIENDSHIP! Evaluating πŸ€” each of my friends to see exactly how the impact my life both positively and negatively. What level do the place me in and what level do I place them. Same theory as you wrote, PAY ATTENTION…..

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  2. Kunbi says:

    Yoooo, that’s wasssssup! We have to wake up and jasi to the fact that it starts with YOU. Outside of your nuclear family that is just your lil cross to bear, you have the freewill to choose who surrounds you. I’ve learned that everyone in your circle can’t be everything to you. Just like you can’t be everything to everyone of your people. Its good to set realistic expectations. I’ve learned to allow grace in all my relationships, even within the realm of the expectations I’ve set categorically for my peeps. When we are talking about it affecting your livelihood though or relationship with God, I use wisdom always to know who I need to get a relational break from and to what degree it may be required. Can’t do that ish passively, you gotta pay attention and be an active participant in ensuring you’re actually enacting your goals, personally and professionally.

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  3. Ebuka says:


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  4. Kaila says:

    We must INDEED rid ourselves of those relationships with such people.. make room for those new fruitful friendships. “Oh we talking teams.. ” that’s the motto!

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  5. Irene says:

    … They will always tell on themselves, so pay attention! πŸ‘πŸ½ In 2017, let us pray for discernment in all things. Another nice write-up! Way to go!

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