Self-awareness is described as having a clear perception of your personality including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation and emotions. But do you really know yourself?

I strongly believe once you know yourself, no matter the weakness or strength you have, it can never be used against you. Self awareness is a gift. It is why you understand you shouldn’t be around certain places/people because personalities don’t mix. It is why you understand certain people may or may not like you so you don’t bother seeking friendships and validation from them. It is the reason you carry yourself like kings and queens and understand the value of always walking in your own lane. It is the reason why you will not be bothered when you hear something negative being said about you. When you become self-aware you gain clarity on where you’re headed and what it takes to get there. You also give yourself the opportunity to fix your weaknesses and improve yourself.

The problem today is many live in a bubble. We don’t understand who we are so we continuously place ourselves in situations that we shouldn’t because you are still living without self-awareness. It is extremely important to take time out to reflect on every situation you find yourself in and honestly search within yourself to find out how you contributed to it whether positive or negative. It is during self reflecting moments you begin to understand yourself better but it can only come with the decision to be honest with yourself.

Everyone deserves the privilege of self-awareness. Don’t deny yourself of it by living a lie or living in a bubble. You just might be delaying your growth process. This week, pay close attention to your words and actions and if you can, write them down. (BE HONEST). At the end of the week reflect on your findings and see what it is you’ve learned about yourself that you didn’t know. That’s one step closer to becoming self-aware.

Have a great week Goal Diggers.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. David Adelekan says:

    You are definitely correct, self awareness is key. Like DJ Khalifa says, “That’s a major key.


  2. David Adelekan says:

    Khalid I mean, auto correct is messing me up.


  3. Irene says:

    Self-awareness does require a certain degree of maturity driven by experience . it’s reasoning on a higher plane taken into account all factors with a balanced view. remembering to periodically do your self- check is equally important as we are constantly evolving band growing into our beautiful selves!


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