Do You Know Your Worth?


Happy Monday beautiful people. I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with some amazing women recently and each time, the topic of knowing our worth came up. After it happened the third time, I figured more Goal Diggers need to hear this. So, DO YOU KNOW YOUR WORTH?


As I’m getting older, I have no desire to be around people who don’t make me feel good or genuinely have my best interest at heart. I still see people who partake in one sided friendships, toxic friendships, expired friendships etc. what this tells me is you don’t know your worth. Friendship is fluid. Even in fights, true friendship never hits a place of no return. Are your goals aligned? Are your friends going places? Are you honest with each other. I strongly believe the company you keep says a lot about how YOU see yourself. If you find yourself complaining about a group of people and what they do, it’s time you know your worth and remove yourself from the situation. Many times, your progress is halted because you haven’t figured out your value and still choose to bring the wrong people on our journey. Are the friends you keep currently worth your time?


Love is a choice. We hear this a lot but do we truly understand it? It breaks my heart when I meet women in situations that are toxic and/or not satisfactory to the standard they have set for themselves. If your love interest is condescending, abusive in any way, not supportive of your goals and dreams, understand that he/she does not know your worth and it is not your job to make them know it and/or see it. Understand that walking away from a situation you are not satisfied with makes you more of a woman than staying in a situation just for a title. The love of God for us far exceeds anything we can imagine and letting that love fill every corner of your heart is exactly the push you need to decide to only give your heart to people who are worth it. Again, it is never your job to make anybody see your value/worth. It is your job to be the best you and that includes protecting your heart.


We all know people working dead end jobs. Jobs that they took just to pay the bills but have no connection to. I believe people who miserably stay at a job and complain lack ambition and don’t know their worth. I say this because, a job is only as miserable as your lack of planning towards your next step. What do you bring to the table? Are you confident in your abilities? Have you improved yourself in any way? Have you gone back to school? Have you acquired new certifications? Have you tapped into your network to see what resources you have open to you? Do you even know that doing all these things makes you worth more than you probably think you are? When you were offered your last salary, did you negotiate or did you accept the offer because ‘its better than nothing.’ When you do that, you are unconsciously accepting less than you’re worth. You are also forcing yourself into a state of complacency because if there’s anything I know about finding something new, it is a job in itself. Sometimes we do what we have to do because we have people who depend on us. In those cases, it’s sometimes understandable however, waiting for what you truly want and you know in your heart you deserve is a feeling that can’t be duplicated by a mediocre job.

At the end of the day, in friendship, in love and in career, be strategic. Don’t be afraid to want a partner who is financially stable if you are also making your way in life. If you are ambitious, filled with ideas and ready to conquer the world, it is important you get someone who wants to do the same and will push you until you accomplish those goals. Know your worth. In friendship, it’s absolutely ok to only want friends who are successful or at least heading in that direction. It is also ok to not build friendships with people who don’t fit into the vision you have for your life. If four ambitious friends are thriving in life and you become their friend chances are you will be the fifth. Don’t sell yourself short. In career, what you want can happen, be diligent put in the work and DON’T SETTLE.

Have a great week Goal Diggers.


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  1. Kunbi says:

    Oooh love this one, power packed goal-digger compilation right here 😃👌

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  2. YetundeO says:

    This is one of the best articles I’ve read in a while!
    We can’t be together if we dream different…Falz.
    More ink to your pen.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Agreed!! A lot of people need to read this cause people end of keeping dead weight in their life because of sentiment and sometimes it just holds back your growth.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant piece as usual, keep up the wonderful work.

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