There’s Time For Everything


No long post, just a thought to share.

Don’t be in a hurry to live a life you are not ready for. God makes no mistakes. While you may experience some delay, it does not mean denial. You either still have some preparing to do or something better is in the works. It is important you let things happen in their own time either by waiting for it or by creating time for it at the RIGHT TIME.

Be content but not complacent. Don’t tell time by someone else’s watch and never forget, COMPARISON IS STILL THE THIEF OF JOY! Have a great week.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree, although I find that it’s harder to remember that in the moment especially when you feel like that thing is for you at the time you want it.

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  2. Yele says:

    Very nice post! Although it was a quick read, it said so much and had a powerful message. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in an idea of something we fail to realize that it might not be the right time or it’s just not for us entirely. As you said, God makes no mistakes, we just need to have faith and be patient.

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  3. Ibiyinka says:

    Yesss! Well written!


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