What Validation?



Happy Monday!  Hope you all had a great weekend.

Let’s talk about validation! As human beings, there will always be people in our lives that matter enough to influence our actions. The things we say, do, the plans we make etc but at what point do we draw the line?

Something I know I struggled with in the past is waiting for people who will never give me the go ahead to be a better me to validate what I’m trying to do. Allow me explain. Most times we have grand ideas that scare us and we find ourselves wanting to tell some friends and/or family. When you tell them, you’re waiting for the ‘I’m proud of you moment’ or waiting for them to say something encouraging or even give you pointers but then, it never comes so you don’t start or you start to doubt your grand idea. What you fail to realize is most of your greatest supporters especially when you start out will not be people you know. Some can’t dream big enough so what you’re explaining seems foreign, some literally don’t take you serious enough to even believe you are capable of what it is you say you want to do so they dismiss it. What you can never do is allow the lack of validation from such people kill your fire.

When most of the famous people we know today started out, all they had was a dream. They stayed the course and put in the work. Eventually, the world tuned in. That’s exactly what you need to do with your life. Most of those people who reject or don’t buy into your idea sometimes just want to project their  fears on you and it is important to not fear failure. When that ting of doubt comes in after you’ve shared your ideas and they’ve been rejected, remember it is very ok to fail. What you do after is what matters. Those same people will come around and sing your praises like they were in on the plan the whole time and they were just waiting for you to deliver. Some will make sure to check in every now and then so it doesn’t seem like they don’t believe in you and in case you make it, they want to be able to be part of that. You can’t take those things to heart. Learning to discipline your emotions will go a long way and understanding that whatever you want to do is FOR YOU! Stop seeking validation. Don’t expect people to react in an exciting manner to something even they are yet to comprehend for themselves.

Get out there, dream big, try and fail and then try again. If people say you are crazy, smile and say, you know you’re not the only one. The validation you seek may never come and you spend your life constantly putting your dream on a back burner. Don’t be that person who plays victim always waiting for someone’s approval/validation. WAKE UP AND GET.SH*T.DONE!

Have an awesome week!


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  1. Uche J says:

    Thank you for this post….was needed.


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