Be A Duck!


Ducks are underdogs. They often go unnoticed because they move so graciously and tend not to wear their challenges on their faces. They paddle like hell under water but the part we can see just glides across the river like nothing is going on under.

I can say in many cases I’m a duck. It took me a while to understand this but I’m ok with it now mainly because as you get older, you realize you and God are the only ones in this life race. Life is hard. Adulting is hard and it’s forever. You can either choose to run to win or commute on the sidewalk and get out of the way. Someone once told me, “if you want to tell your story, make something of yourself and the world will listen.” You don’t get to talk about each challenge you face or how after paying your bills it feels like you have nothing or how hard things have been lately etc.. what you can do however is choose to understand that no one cares so just move with grace. Be a duck! The challenges you face are no ones business. You can be a blessing to those who need motivation but in many cases most are just happy you are facing challenges. My point is underwater, paddle like hell. Fight like hell. But above water, smile and trust the process because when you get to the winning point of each fight, your challenges become inspiration to those who tune in whether or not they admit it.

Be a duck honey! It’s ok to cry but it’s not for them to see. It’s ok to be unsure but it’s not for them to know. It’s ok to be tired but you better pick yourself right back up and keep gliding across that river with a smile. Yes it gets tiring but remember at the end of every principle is a promise!!! BE A DUCK! Move with grace and let the world wonder how you keep overcoming (Don’t forget to credit the Big Guy upstairs).

Good luck this week Goal Diggers. Smile. Something great is in the works.


P.S: next week I will be bringing you my interview with Uju Rapu. Can’t wait to share.

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  1. Kunbi says:

    Quack-Quack!!! Duck-it, Duck-it, Duck-it, this life is way too fierce ya need to Duck it!! Okay bye lol, love the post, #oluwastaysinvolved #youaintduckingalone #nomanisanisland #encouragement4rmotherducksneededtoo 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    Love it!!


  3. Yinka A says:

    I love this!! I actually haven’t thought of ducks in that way before! I learned something new today. I do think its okay to share your challenges from time to time (even before they are solved,) you just need to share it with the right person/people, as you never know who might help.

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